Love your Liver

Love your Liver

Gently crawl out of hibernation with this zippy and awakening minty matcha!

Welcome to .. almost Spring?!

Our March elixir, Love your Liver, offers a clean energy boost, supports clarity of mind and vision, and supports a primary detoxification organ - the liver.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, spring is associated with the liver, making this an excellent time of the year to align with the seasonal energies of spring and cleansing, by focusing on the liver and supporting detoxification phases and pathways.

Love your liver and nourish this incredible organ by trying out this fresh minty matcha elixir during March, made with superfoods that specifically support your liver!

hand holding pottery cup with green foamy drink, with a mossy background with some mushrooms

Explore the featured ingredients:

🍵 Matcha 

Matcha contains incredibly high amounts of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, which a study demonstrates reduces oxidative stress in the liver, thanks to EGCG.

This potent antioxidant offers support to the liver, increases overall function and supports liver detoxification.

🌟 Baobab 

Baobab is a powerful superfood incredibly rich in three nutrients required in liver detoxification: vitamin C and niacin - vital to phase I liver detoxification, and vitamin B6 - crucial to phase II liver detoxification, as well as glutathione production (which is also needed in the liver detoxification process).

Studies show that baobab is hepatoprotective, meaning it can both restore and protect the the liver due to properties found in the pulp. 

🍃 Mint Hydrosol

Mint supports the stomach and digestion by allowing the muscles of the stomach to relax, as well as increasing bile flow, helping food break down more efficiently, clearing sluggishness and increasing nutrient assimilation.

Mint is also a great herbal ally in supporting new perspectives and a clear vision, qualities also associated with spring energy. 

🌱 Nettle Leaf Tincture

Nettle is incredibly rich in a variety of nutrients and minerals, including the B vitamins, crucial to liver detoxification.

Studies indicate that nettle leaf supports reduction of lipid peroxidation and boosts antioxidant activity in the liver, reducing oxidative stress in the liver.

These antioxidant properties may offer liver protection against damage caused by heavy metals, toxins and inflammation. 

🍄 Reishi Extract

Reishi boosts an antioxidant vital to phase II liver detoxification, glutathione, which is needed to actually escort toxins out of the body safely that have been broken down in phase I liver detoxification. 

A study done in 2017 on components found in reishi, triterpenoids and polysaccharide peptides, demonstrate the ability to reduce the accumulation of fat in the liver to normal levels.

🧜 Irish Moss Gel 

Sea moss is incredibly rich in a variety of nutrients, and contains high levels of polysaccharides that can strengthen liver function and nourish liver cells, as well as providing microbiome loving prebiotic fibre. 

Studies have suggested that sea moss may offer potential in reducing the accumulation of fat in the liver. 

Love Your Liver!

Stop by the shop and try this tasty elixir to get a little spring in your step, and explore these powerful superfoods which offer great liver detoxification support!



Johanne Trudel

Johanne Trudel

Have you publish the recipe for mint matcha. It sounds really good.

Have you publish the recipe for mint matcha. It sounds really good.



I would like the actual recipe! Thank you so much 🙏

I would like the actual recipe! Thank you so much 🙏

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