Holy Hydrosol

Holy Hydrosol

Explore the mist-ical uses of hydrosols!

🧞 What are Hydrosols?

Hydrosols are mystical, cellular waters that contain the essence of the plant itself.

Hydrosols are produced by distilling organic or wild-crafted fresh and dried plant materials into therapeutic and aromatic waters.

All of our hydrosols that we make in-house are true hydrosols that result from the long and slow traditional distillation process using an alembic copper distiller from Portugal, that is lead-free. 

During the distillation, we do not separate the essential oils from the final product, so you can be assured that all hydrosols contain the full potency of the plant.

We prefer to use fresh plant material as this captures not only the volatile components of the plant, but more importantly, the cellular water from the living plant.

This cellular water is usually lost under the conventional high pressurized
steam runs for essential oils, or absent when using only dried plant material.

It is this cellular water, imbued with nutritious minerals, phytosterols, antioxidants, and countless other natural botanical chemicals, that imparts our hydrosols with the water-soluble aromatic and therapeutic properties of the plant.

You can learn more about hydrosols and our in house distillation process here!

🦢 The Benefits of Hydrosols

All hydrosols have unique benefits and properties, but they generally support the skin in refining pores, balancing sebum and encouraging a healthy PH.

They are cleansing, hydrating, cooling and support wound healing. 

They are offer a grounding refreshment for both your skin and your limbic system through bio-psychology.

They are also a lovely fragrance, aura mist, deodorant, room scent, and linen spritz, but without the unnatural fragrances and perfumes that  disrupt the endocrine system and hormone balance.

Many (but not all) hydrosols can be consumed internally to add some botanical magic to your foods, beverages or deserts.

Hydrosols offer sense-nourishing wholistic support on all levels - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually!

🌟 Discover some of our Favourite Hydrosols

Explore the unique traits of some of our favourite hydrosols:

🌹 Rose Hydrosol

Rose hydrosol is possibly our most luxurious and divine hydrosol.

Rose petals destined for the distillation process or drying are picked by hand at or just before sunrise, on the first morning that the flower opens, when the content of the volatile rose oils are highest.

This lovely rose hydrosol floral water has been pure steam distilled from organic Rosa damascena petals.

Used for millennia for skin care, rose hydrosol spritzed over the face and neck area adds moisture, calms redness, and offers a soothing and uplifting feeling. 

Spritzing your space and aura, can also encourage emotional and spiritual wellbeing, as the essence of the rose nourishes the heart. 

Rose hydrosol can be added as a heart-opening and delicious ingredient to chocolates, elixirs and other treats. 

💚 Rosemary Hydrosol

Rosemary hydrosol is a refreshing botanical water that has a slight spice and herbal brightness to it.

Rosemary hydrosol can be spritzed in your hair as a scalp mist, nourishing and supporting your scalp and hair growth. 

Rosemary is also a great toner for those with skin that errs on the oily side. Rosemary has astrigent properties, that can also support the tightening and brightening of the skin.

Spritz your aura or your space with this hydrosol to help with mental and emotional clarity, as the scent of rosemary offers energizing, clarifying and uplifting qualities. 

You can also add rosemary hydrosol to soups to add herbacious depth, or to drinks like lemonade, where it offers an unexpected and nourishing twist on a classic recipe.  

✨ Frankincense and Myrrh Hydrosol 

A favourite hydrosol is frankincense  and myrrh, which has a balsamic, earthy scent.

While many hydrosols support the skin barrier and can help tighten pores, this hydrosol is believed to be very beneficial for reducing wrinkles and encourage a smooth, radiant complexion. It's antiseptic and astringent properties also make it helpful for those with acne.

It may also support wound healing, and can also be used as a mouthwash or gargle for oral health.

You can also use the spray aromatically in a space, or around your head and energy field, as the properties in this hydrosol support calming the mind and reducing overthinking, and settling the spirit in ways that can be helpful for meditation, prayer and grounding.

🧚 Culinary Inspiration

Try out these yummy recipes from the Plant Spirit Waters course!

💟 Reishi Lavender Bliss Truffles 

Recipe adapted from the new book - Chocolate Life: the Alchemy of Cacao for Flavour, Function & Feeling

Makes 30 truffles



  • Warm ingredients in a double boiler, stirring occasionally until melted
  • Use a fork or other utensil to get all ingredients well mixed together
  • Place into silicon moulds. Refrigerate until set (at least 1 hour)
  • Pop out of the moulds, roll into a ball and coat with the topping to serve

Tip - swap the lavendar with the rose hydrosol, or any of the other hydrosols that are safe for ingestion* that call to you! 

🦄 Herbal Gummies 

Herbal superfood gummies are an amazing delivery system for the superfood and herbs you want to add to your family's day!



  • Warm liquid and honey
  • Mix all the gelatin in half the amount of warmed liquid to work out any clumps with a whisk
  • Add remaining liquid and stir well

Explore our range of hydrosols here! 

 *note not all hydrosols are safe for ingestion, but many of them are. Read the product description of each hydrosol for clarification on whether it can be consumed internally or not.

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