Radiant Rose Mocktail Recipe

Radiant Rose Mocktail Recipe

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Valentine's Day is just around the corner and we've made a romantically inspired mocktail to make this day extra special for you to enjoy!

The key ingredient in our Radiant Rose Mocktail is our limited edition Rose syrup. This syrup is made by soaking the rose petals in wildflower honey for 2 months to optimally extract the delicate, heart-opening floral notes of rose. Then we added our house made hydrosol and rose tincture. 

This rose syrup can be enjoyed by the dropper or added into sparkling water, elixirs, hot chocolates or mocktails!

Our Radiant Rose Mocktail is centered around the sensual nature of 3 herbal aphrodisiacs. 

Rose is a symbol of love and romance. This delicate floral ingredient can be enjoyed visually, aromatically & internally! In Ayurvedic medicine, rose is known for helping to stimulate sexual cells in our body! It's also known for reducing stress and mental fatigue. We carry powder, hydrosol and syrup form to enjoy in desserts or any drink of choice.

Ginger -  is not only delicious but it has warming properties too! Ginger is also known for increasing sexual energy, semen volume as well as ejections in men. We recommend pairing this root with cayenne in a hot chocolate.

Damiana is a popular plant known for improving your mood and increasing mental and physical stamina. It's known for giving a slight "high" to increase sexual desire, stamina and arousal. Some enjoy it in tea or tincture form but it’s also popular to smoke as well.

Want to learn more about herbal aphrodisiacs?

Check out our aphrodisiac blog post.


Radiant Rose Mocktail Recipe

Made by Alex Hamilton




  • Mix the cane sugar and pink powder powder in a bowl
  • Dip a glass of your choice in water
  • Dip the glass into the cane sugar and rose powder mixture to rim the glass
  • Fill up cocktail shaker halfway with ice
  • Add the rest of the ingredients & shake 10-15 seconds
  • Grab a strainer and place on top of glass
  • Pour into glass & garnish with rose petals

 Add 1oz of high quality tequila if you'd like a cocktail version of this recipe


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