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What is an aphrodisiac? 

An aphrodisiac is an stimulating substance that elevates sexual libido, sexual pleasure, sexual temptation, sexual arousal, sexual performance etc. The word aphrodisiac comes from ancient Greek word "aphrodisios" which derives from Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of love.

Aphrodisiacs can be a type of food, spice, plants etc. Let's look at a variety of examples.



  • Cayenne
  • Ginger
  • Cinnamon  

What about herbal aphrodisiacs? 

Herbal aphrodisiacs are powerful sexual stimulants and depending on the type of plant, each individual one can create a different effect. Here are the 6 different type of herbal aphrodisiacs effects. 

  • Energizing - A powerful and awakening aphrodisiac that improves sexual performance 
  • Sexually stimulating - Elevates sexual libido, pleasure and performance 
  • Fragrant - Increases mood, relaxation and sensation arousal through the power of aromatherapy 
  • Relaxing - Soothes and calms the senses through our nervous system. Often times relaxing aphrodisiacs help relax the vagus nerve that is in charge of our reproductive organs 
  • Stress relieving - Decreases and balances our stress levels to encourage our instinctive sexual desires
  • Nourishing - Restores hormonal balance that leads to the natural desire to procreate

Here are some of the powerful aphrodisiacs we offer:

Maca is a naturally energizing and mood elevating root that has a nutty butterscotch taste. It also balances our hormones, increases sexual desire, & enhances fertility. It comes in powder and tincture form and pairs well in a hot chocolate or elixir!

photo credits to myseedtopia

Schizandra is know for stirring up sensuality and arousal by increasing female & male libido! It also balances hormones, reduces stress and anxiety. It’s said that is helps to activate all five senses too. This five flavour berry (sweet, salty, pungent, bitter and sour) comes in powder and tincture form and pairs well in a cocktail, mocktail, sparkling water or elixir!

Photo credits to Sharlene Styles

Cacao is not only a mood and energy booster but it tastes divine too! Whether you like it in dessert form or hot chocolate form, the flavour combinations are endless.

Photo credits to Wild Sage Foods

Rose is a symbol of love and romance. This delicate floral ingredient can be enjoyed visually, aromatically & internally! In Ayurvedic medicine, rose is known for helping to stimulate sexual cells in our body! It's also known for reducing stress and mental fatigue. We carry powder, hydrosol and syrup form to enjoy in desserts or any drink of choice


Photo credits to Gardening Know How 

Passionflower is said to promote relaxation and a balanced mood. It has also been shown to increase sperm count and overall sexual function and libido.This flower has a sour and sweet taste and it can be enjoyed in tea or tincture form.

Photo credits to House & Garden

Ashwagandha has been know to not only increases libido but it also decreases stress too. Ashwagandha is also referenced in the Kama Sutra (as well as medical journals) for directly increasing fertility, sexual stamina, endurance and drive. The powder or tincture form can be enjoyed in a delicious hot chocolate.

Photo credits to NDTV Food

Ginger is not only delicious but it has warming properties too! Ginger is also known for increasing sexual energy, semen volume as well as ejections in men. We recommend pairing this root with cayenne in a hot chocolate.

Photo credits to Chemistry World 

Damiana is a popular plant known for improving your mood and increasing mental and physical stamina. It's known for giving a slight "high" to increase sexual desire, stamina and arousal. Some enjoy it in tea or tincture form but it’s also popular to smoke as well

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